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Coaching Towards Leadership (Demo)


Coaching is integral to effective leadership. Effective leadership allows others to realise their potential and in the process, coaches them to develop it. It cannot and must not be confused with management, as it requires a skill set beyond performance and the production of results. For a manager, who has not had the experience of being coached, he will not know how to lead but merely ensure predictability and achieve incremental growth.
Remarkably, most people don’t need a lot of management. Human beings have an instinctive desire to produce, perform and contribute. As long as the goals are clear and adequate tools and resources are provided, most people will be productive.
The coaching relationship that forms part of leadership goes beyond simply getting more productivity, results and performance. The investment in time to support the individual’s growth, development, and aspirations for the future is an investment in individual value.
Leadership is a relationship phenomenon. It is about connecting with people. Though managing is a critical skill to ensure organisational performance in the short term, it is leadership that invests in the development of future leaders. It therefore makes sense that if you want to invest in change, effectiveness, growth and success; you have to inspire others to believe that they need it too.
It is by inspiring others that:

  • You will increase capacity in your organisation because you will be tapping into potential that is yet to be realised.
  • People, who are coached, develop and expand your own sphere of influence, which brings about a cause to change.
  • You see the difference you can make, just by supporting and attending to another human being’s dreams and aspirations.
  • You learn that your value is less about what you do, and more about who you are.

The window of opportunity is presenting itself. We need to look towards the experience and not disregard those that have gone before. We need their wisdom – not knowledge – and the only way to ensure that this happens is to include coaching as an essential tool in developing leaders.
Managing alone will not leave enough behind for the future. In SA, the skills and experience vacuum that has been created means that our future leaders will be stepping into a great deal of responsibility, poorly armed. Coaching and leadership offers the opportunity, going forward, to change this.
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