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consulting solutions

Our Consulting Services are effected through the following 3 key areas:

  1. HR Solutions
  2. Transformation
  3. Employee Relations Support

For any enquiries regarding our Consulting Solutions, please contact one of our offices or email

a. Human Resources solutions:

HR is the driving force in any successful business, as ultimately performance excellence is achieved through the people you employ and empower.

Our HR Consulting Solutions are broken down into 4 focus areas, namely:

  • HR Strategy
  • HR Processes & Systems
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • HR Support Services

General Services include:

  • Consult on and draft HR Strategy linked to Business Focus
  • Draft and update HR Policies & Procedures
  • Assist with Compliance and Best Practice Audits
  • Job Profiling & Grading
  • Guidance in establishing/reviewing HR Processes & Systems
  • Assistance with Remuneration Benchmarking
  • Equal work for equal pay audits
  • Performance Measurement & Scorecards
  • Etc.


Transformation in the South African business context, is often driven by Compliance considerations.  Successful businesses realise however that it is more than just Compliance.

We believe that Business Transformation is a necessity, as by transforming our workplaces, we change and transform society. Transformation is vital in addressing socio-economic challenges as well as advancing equality and fair labour practices in the workplace.

By embracing transformational practices, businesses are able to develop and grow their people (and businesses) which in turn positively impacts society.  By businesses adopting a Transformational Strategy, they are able to not only be compliant, but also to explore the benefits that Transformation offer.

Transformation leads to new thinking, new value systems, reformed policies and practices.  It impacts socio-economic change as it drives the creation of employment, uplifts communities, eradicates gender and racial inequalities, leads to broader economic empowerment, social inclusivity, as well as professional/career growth for individuals.

B&A supports the notion that Transformation is a social and business imperative to effect positive change in creating a productive workforce, fair labour practices as well as expanded opportunities for the previously disadvantaged through skills development.

In acknowledging that transformational practices are in effect intertwined with HR practices, we have identified 3 focus areas where we can assist organisations in achieving their transformational strategy and related objectives.  These are:

  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • B-BBEE support services

Administration & Control

  • – Employment Contracts
  • – Payroll, including payroll for learnership stipends
  • – HR Policies & Procedures
  • – Job Evaluation & Organisational Design

Attraction & Retention

  • – Recruitment & Selection
  • – Remuneration & Benefits
  • – Reward & Recognition
  • – Organisational Culture

Performance & Development

  • – Skills Audits
  • – Career Paths & Succession Planning
  • – Performance Management
  • – Team Building
  • – Absenteeism
  • – Coaching & Mentoring
B. skills development:

Implementing & reporting on Skills Development (WSP/ ATR and Pivitol grants) is an area we can strategically and holistically assist you with.

  • Pivotal/Discretionary grants application
  • Audits – Quantification of Human Capital
  • Workplace Skills Plans – completion and submission to your SETA
  • Training needs analysis
  • Annual Training Reports – compiling and submissions
  • SETA Liaison
  • Job profiling
  • Training and Development
  • Succession and Experience Planning
  • Training Committee

Alignment of WSP to your B-BBEE scorecard and business requirements

  • Employment Equity (EE) Awareness
  • Nominations for EE/SD Committee
  • Select and appoint new committee
  • Conduct a Compliance Desktop Audit
  • Review all policies, procedures, practices
  • Establish EE/SD Committee
  • Appointment letters
  • Draft EE Plan
  • Training of EE/SD Committee
  • Assist with first EE/SD Committee meeting
  • Consultation on and submission of annual EE Report
  • EE Plan for acceptance / sign off
  • submission of EE Report
  • Online submission of EE Report
  • submit proof of submission
  • Monthly meetings
  • Annual submission of WSP
  • Attendance of EE Committee meetings
  • Awareness sessions:
    • HIV/Aids Awareness
    • People with Disabilities in the Workplace
  • Awareness training in understanding & promoting Diversity
  • Training and Awareness sessions in Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the workplace
c. Employee Relations:

Our aim is to assist employers with Labour Law issues. Collective bargaining and providing a comprehensive Labour Law service. This services backed by legal counsel and experienced & talented IR Practitioners.

  • Guardian Employers Organisation – Chairing of Hearings, CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court representation.
  • Discipline & Dismissals
  • Trade Union Negotiations
  • Strike Handling & Contingency Planning
  • Retrenchments
  • Absenteeism
d. Compliance & B-BBEE:

Employment Equity implementation, compliance and reporting is critical for all South African companies and non-compliance could result in substantial fines for non-compliance. Let us take the burden away with the assistance of our subject matter experts and experienced team.

  • Initial consultation to ensure that the appointed party within your company has an understanding of the current or sector specific codes and the impact on the scorecard of your company.
  • To consult monthly and present advice & solutions to your company on the implementation of strategies to reach a level of compliancy, in terms of the codes, in line with all pillars relevant BBBEE scorecard