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Do your homework before you employ new people! (Demo)

The attached 2015 Annual Report on employee screening makes interesting, if not disturbing reading:

  • 11,8% of job applicants have a criminal record
  • 21% of criminal records are for theft related convictions
  • Over 35% of individuals who have a conviction are repeat offenders
  • In 3,8% of cases, a person with a possible illicit result could still come back with no record
  • 1% of job applicants have been listed on the SAFPS database for a fraud related offence
  • Over 15% of job applicants have a negative credit record
  • 9% of ID documents cannot be verified for some reason
  • 15,8% of qualifications were unverifiable for some reason
  • 3,48% of unverified qualifications were confirmed fraudulent

As tax payers, it is disturbing to note that the worst offenders in failing to check references and employee background is Government and parastatals, but private companies also feature. If you select the wrong people, managing them is difficult. Rather take the trouble to do the job properly in the right place:
Use a rational competency based model selection process;
Check references;
Do criminal and fraud checks;
Do credit reference checks.
The last check is particularly important. Employees who are in debt usually present a problem for a new employer. If in a position where they could be tempted to steal or defraud the business they are a serious risk. Even if they are not a security risk, experience shows that employees who are in debt often absent themselves in order to avoid loan sharks. Sooner or later their past catches up with them and the employer is then presented with garnishee orders that need to be implemented. Lastly, and probably most importantly, they usually are the first in line to push for radical pay increases and are usually ready to participate in strikes.
Do your homework before you employ new people!
Annual screening report 2015
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