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What is the purpose of a Dress Code Policy?

  • To ensure that employees are

when representing the Company at the office and at client’s premises.
What is generally expected of you?

  • While at work employees are expected to be
    • CLEAN and
    • so as to present a BUSINESS-LIKE image to clients, prospective clients and the public.

More specifically, what is required of you in terms of personal appearance?

  • Ensure you are clean, hair is combed and you are neatly groomed.
  • A business-like appearance is paramount.
  • Dress in a manner generally acceptable in similar establishments.

What type of clothing should you NOT WEAR?

  • Faded or frayed jeans.
  • Athletic clothing.
  • Beach wear.
  • Revealing/see-through clothing.
  • Skirts/dresses shorter than 5cm above knees.
  • Low-cut/spaghetti-strap/halter-neck tops.
  • Leggings or form-fitting pants.
  • Excessive jewelry/piercings and the like.

Is casual attire allowed?

  • At times the Company permit the use of casual dress or patriotic attire (e.g. Springbok-jersey Fridays during World Cup season) in support of fund-raising or patriotic events.
  • On Fridays, and on certain other designated occasions, the Company may allow employees to dress in a more casual fashion than normal, except when the employee meets with clients.
  • On such occasions, employees are still expected to present a neat appearance.
  • Dress of a casual nature does not mean you may look shabby and untidy.

When are you required to wear Corporate Clothing?

  • You are provided with corporate clothing or personal protective wear from time to time.
  • Generally, you are required to wear corporate clothing during
    • company functions; and
    • client presentations.
  • You may also be required to wear such clothing to:
    • special events;
    • special occasions; or
    • in certain work environments.

What are your obligations when it comes to Corporate Clothing?

  • Company clothing or personal protective wear are expected to last 2 years.
    • Should it no longer be suitable for wear for reasons not related to normal wear and tear, you will be required to replace it at your own expense.
  • Very important! You are required to ACT IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER WHILE WEARING COMPANY CORPORATE CLOTHING or Company protective wear. Any behaviour, while wearing such clothing, that may harm the image of the Company or bring the Company name into disrepute may be subject to disciplinary action.

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