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Chairing Disciplinary Enquiries (Demo)

1 ½ days plus exercises for POE (2 days if run in conjunction with Rules of Evidence as recommended)

SAQA US No. Title NQF Level Credits
10985 Conduct a disciplinary hearing 6 5

This programme is targeted at disciplinary chairpersons.

  • LRA requirements in respect of dismissals for misconduct.
  • Procedure for disciplinary enquiries.
  • How to facilitate the leading of evidence and control cross-examination so as to ensure a fair hearing.
  • How to weigh and evaluate evidence and make a substantively fair finding.
  • Considering extenuating, aggravating and mitigating factors.
  • Determining an appropriate substantively fair sanction.
  • Preparing a written finding that will stand the scrutiny of CCMA arbitrator.

Learners receive a Disciplinary Enquiry Record/Checklist, which they are required to use in a role-play based on an actual case. They also receive a Ready Reference booklet.
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Clients have the choice of two videos to augment the course:
The Zola Zubane Case (as described above under Initiating Disciplinary Enquiries); and
The Grant Ross Case which features an enquiry into charges against an engineer who is accused of soliciting gifts from a supplier in return for his passing the supplier’s invoices for payment. It provides an excellent example of how evidence should be led and an enquiry conducted.