Constantia Park Weltevredenpark Roodepoort Gauteng 1709 South Africa

Practical Negotiating Skills Training – Labour Relations (Demo)

2 days – 3 days plus POE if learner’s are to be assessed

SAQA US No. Title NQF Level Credits
13948 Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation. 4 5

This course is targeted at persons who conduct labour negotiations and provides participants with a basic understanding of the principles, strategies, tactics and techniques of negotiating. Emphasis is placed on planning and case preparation and conflict handling and negotiating techniques aimed at achieving win-win agreements.
The course is highly participative makes use of 3 DVDs featuring typical South African labour negotiations. All participants are given an opportunity to prepare and participate in a role play negotiation appropriate to their needs (i.e. wages/retrenchment/dispute resolution).

  • The qualities of a good negotiator.
  • The principles of power and how to analyse power in bargaining relationships;
  • The importance of developing a working relationship with the other party;
  • Bargaining conventions;
  • How to structure a negotiating team;
  • How to conduct an expectation test, including breaking issues into their elements and determining key principles;
  • Determining long and short term negotiating objectives;
  • Identifying and using common ground;
  • Determining bargaining limits, a BATNA and concessions;
  • Negotiating a realistic mandate;
  • Pre-negotiating conditioning and the opening moves;
  • Conflict mapping;
  • Developing a negotiating strategy and plan;
  • Questioning to establish interests, opportunities and common ground;
  • Effective listening;
  • Behaviour labelling;
  • How to handle pressure and disruptive tactics
  • Various conflict handling and negotiating techniques;
  • Closing the negotiation and face saving;
  • The Agreement – where things go wrong
  • Finalising and communicating the agreement to stakeholders.