Constantia Park Weltevredenpark Roodepoort Gauteng 1709 South Africa

Leadership Development Workshop (Demo)

Leadership cannot be learnt by reading about it!

The purpose of this course is to empower and inspire leaders to take responsibility for their leadership and realise the privilege they have to impact another for the better.
Understanding the power of paradigms
Leadership and empowerment
Expectations of leadership
Leadership vs. management – Functional leadership
Levels, types & characteristics of leadership
Leadership – living the vision, mission and values
Role and functions of leadership
The responsibility of leadership
The job profile of leadership
Being a leader to leadership
Leadership self development plan
Creating pride – motivation and group dynamics
Effective communication
Conflict management
Challenge perceptions and paradigms
Understanding the practical difference between leading and leadership
Understanding the role of leadership
Evaluation of control vs. empowerment and its consequences
Understanding responsibility
Understanding of what being a leader means
Understanding the business at various levels
Understanding of role as a leader in the business
Developing relationships
Effective delegation & time management
Understanding business ethics
An environment that engenders pride
A team that is not afraid of responsibility
Empowered teams
Effective leadership practices within the team
Creating leaders
Improved communication, transparency and trust
Need fulfillment – self-esteem and confidence
Increased employee engagement
Personal impact through change of attitude
Self – Awareness, social – awareness, self-management and relationship management
Practical implementation in the workplace
Duration: 3 days