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Leadership (Demo)

Leadership Training

Research has shown that businesses require three types of leaders – Strategic, Operational and Team. To be successful all three levels of leadership in a business needs to be effective and failure of leadership at any of these levels will seriously affect the business.
Generally speaking, the training of strategic leaders has been well catered for through various universities and business schools. This is not the case at operational and team levels where a national skills shortage has been identified.
Leadership has two major aspects, who you are (your attitudes and beliefs) and what you do (your behaviour). Both of these depend on the assumptions you make about others.
South African business is to a large extent, still stuck in a ‘control’ paradigm whereby the assumption is that supervisors need to control and discipline employees in order to get them to work. This runs contrary to global trends and traditional African culture and results in conflict and lack of employee commitment.
Following feedback from learners and clients, B&A have developed the Practical Leadership Skills series of courses based on what Team Leaders (NQF Level 4) and Operational Leaders (NQF Level 5) need to know and do.
The series of courses are interspersed with practical workplace assignments designed to:-
enable learners to re-examine their assumptions and to make important choices regarding leadership; develop appropriate qualities, attitudes and skills for effective leadership and ensure transfer of learning from the classroom to the job.
Please Note: The full Skills Programme with assessments, because of the time involved might be too expensive for some clients. For this reason clients may choose modules and “mix and match” content from courses to suit their needs. The courses may also be customised to include client logos, policies, documents, etc.


Leadership Training Programmes (NQF 4) DURATION
Module 1: Leadership communication skills – NQF 4 2
Module 2: Understanding leadership – NQF 4 2
Module 3: Role of the leader – NQF 3&4 2
Module 4: Motivating a work team – NQF 4 2
Module 5: Job instruction and coaching – NQF 3 1
Leadership Training Programmes (NQF 5) 2
Module 1: Leadership communication skills – NQF 5 2
Module 2: Team building skills – NQF 5 2
Module 3: Understanding operational leadership – NQF 5 2
Module 4: Assertive Conflict Handling – NQF 5 2
Module 5: Handling complaints and grievances – NQF 5 1
Module 6: Selection and coaching – NQF 5 4

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