Constantia Park Weltevredenpark Roodepoort Gauteng 1709 South Africa

Shop Steward Leadership Skills (Demo)

3 days

SAQA US No. Title NQF Level Credits
242824 Apply leadership concepts in a work context. 4 12


Shop stewards and other employee representatives.
The course sets out to enlighten learners on how situations affect human behaviour in general and labour relations in particular.

  • Paradigms and how they have affected peoples’ thinking in leadership and labour relations matters.
  • A review of various psychological experiments which show the impact of situations on human behaviour
  • A review of South African labour history and its link to politics and present day labour relations thinking.
  • Employee engagement and how this impacts on the industrial relations climate of a workplace.
  • Strategies used by good leaders to establish and maintain good relationships with their teams.
  • Boundaries and their role in the workplace.
  • The impact of emotions and emotional issues and the role of a leader in managing these.
  • What is leadership v management?
  • Effective v ineffective leaders.
  • Characteristics for leaders – choices and connecting with people.
  • Developing a positive attitude and self-discipline.
  • Humour and leadership.
  • Setting goals and priorities.
  • Pareto’s 80/20 principle.
  • Leadership styles.
  • Situational Leadership.
  • Ubunto and African leadership concepts.
  • Self-analysis and personal development planning.
  • Plan to identify and address performance barriers and improve working relationships within the workplace.

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