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Leveraging Diversity (Demo)

1 Day

SAQA US No. Title NQF Level Credits
252043 Manage a diverse work force to add value 5 6

Exacerbated by the crime situation and political infighting, prejudice and stereotyping are still alive and thriving in our workplaces! This manifests itself in a ‘them and us’ attitude, poor productivity, poor teamwork and sometimes even open conflict.
How people react and interact with each other depends very much on the assumptions that they make about each other. If our assumptions are based on misunderstandings and half-truths, there is a good chance we will form a negative perception of the other person or group. This is likely to impact on the way we interact with them and they, in turn, with us.
Studies by the Harvard Business School suggest that diversity training based on differences may do more harm than good. B&A have therefore taken a different approach to diversity training, instead focusing commonalities, teamwork and the importance of good relationships in the workplace.
This programme is aimed at all employees but if assessments are required, these are restricted to managers and supervisors who lead teams.
This course is highly participative using videos, individual and group exercises to get people talking, exploring their assumptions and really understanding our inter-dependability. Content covers:

  • Good and bad teamwork.
  • Assumptions and paradigms – what influences our thinking about others?
  • Political conditioning and its impact on the workplace.
  • Stereo-typing and discrimination – how it occurs and its negative long term effect for all.
  • The difference between liking, respecting and tolerating another person.
  • Exploration of differences and commonalities – diversity issues we need to be aware of.
  • The importance of names and getting to really know the people you work with.
  • Employee engagement and the importance of identifying and resolving issues .
  • Values, rules and standards and their impact on the workplace.
  • Employees’ role and responsibilities in ensuring good workplace relations (Management’s role in this is a given!)
  • Customer relations – the lifeblood for any business.
  • Leveraging diversity exercises aimed at identifying problems, performance barriers and opportunities for improvement.
  • Strategies for handling conflict and for handling conflict between employees.
  • Learners propose ways to improve workplace and customer relations.

In- house training facilitated by B&A
Bruniquel & Associates experienced facilitators will facilitate an in-house interactive workshop and prepare a Feedback Report on performance barriers and other issues raised by learners.
The minimum number is 10 and maximum number of delegates per course is 25. In order for the training to be effective the delegates attending must be diverse and representative of your organisation’s workforce diversity.