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Paterson Job Evaluation (Demo)

1 day for Job Grading Panel or 4 hour briefing for employees.

Target population:
This programme is targeted at communicating the aims and objectives of the Paterson job evaluating system to management and employees of an organisation aiming to introduce the system. Learners should be numerate and literate in English at NQF 3 level. If employees are illiterate, a facilitator who is able to communicate in the local vernacular language should conduct the briefing session.
In order to allow for adequate participation and assessment, the group size should not exceed twenty (20) learners.

  • The purpose of the job evaluation and why the organisation has selected the Paterson system
  • How and why job profiles are prepared, and if appropriate, analysing a job and writing a job profile
  • Procedure for having jobs evaluated, including flexibilty in light of organisational changes which may alter the content of jobs
  • Decision making levels (decisions bands) and the type of decisions made at each band
  • The reasons for band grades and sub-grades and how they work
  • Procedure used by the Panel in grading jobs
  • Pay scales for each grade and how an employee’s pay can move from the scale minimum to the scale maximum.

For more information on Paterson Job Evaluation contact Bruniquel and Associates here.