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The Generous Leader – Accountable and Responsible (Demo)

True fulfillment is a feeling that does not come from material wealth. Wealth can bring happiness, but it cannot make one happy. Rather, fulfillment is an experience that comes from giving to others without expecting anything in return. This giving to others is not just a physical act though. It is an emotional generosity, where another’s emotional needs are given regard within healthy boundaries.
But how do I give generously? Within leadership, to give generously is one of the principle values of a leader who genuinely cares about people. This occurs when the leader takes the time to invest in authentic relationships with people, showing belief in their value and recognising their potential.

How can a leader give genuine generosity?
  • Give responsibility
  • Give time to listen
  • Give time to talk
  • Give opportunities
  • Give support and encouragement
  • Give honest and candid feedback
  • Give emotion to relationships
  • Give respect
  • Give boundaries
  • Give courage
  • Give presence
  • Give consistency
  • Give authentically
  • Give love
  • Give of one-self

It is when the leader genuinely shows a vested interest in people that he inspires their dreams, hopes and aspirations. This is when people will give of their best because they will discover the best within themselves. To give practically, ask yourself these simple questions: –
‘What actions can I give to others to let them know that their work is important?
‘What can I do today to let others know that they are important?’
‘Do I genuinely motivate the people around me or do I do it for my own selfish reasons?’
‘Do I talk to people through their value or are my intentions lacking integrity?’
‘Do I let people know that they have done well?’
Do I openly share their contributions with those in senior levels of management?’
‘Do I engender the sprit of generosity by giving to others without expectation of anything in return?’
‘Do I harbor resentment towards others or do I choose to forgive and let go?’
‘Do I unequivocally give encouragement to others because I genuinely believe in their ability?’
‘Do I give opportunities to others so that they can succeed?’
‘Do I openly share my knowledge, skills and experience with others?’
‘Do I support my people through think and thin?’
‘Why should anyone give me permission to lead them?’
At B&A, we believe that through our training and consulting, we create the opportunities for authentic relationships in the workplace.

“The habit of giving enhances the desire to give.”
Walt Whitman’s

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