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Portfolio of Evidence (Demo)

A SETA-recognised Certificate of Competence can only be issued on the authorisation of the Services SETA. As a SETA-accredited training organisation, Bruniquel & Associates is entitled to issue this qualification.

As part of the qualification process, each learner receives a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) Pack, which must be completed and submitted for assessment and moderation. B&A assesses the POE internally using a registered assessor. If the learner is found not yet competent, the learner may do remedial work and re-submit their POE. The POE is then moderated externally by a registered moderator. Once the SETA approves and authorises certification, B&A issues the Certificate of Competence.
Even when formal assessment is not part of the training. B&A courses are designed around registered unit standards. A Certificate of Completion is issued by B&A to all course attendees and this is included in the course fee. This certificate outlines the learning outcomes of the course attended.
If required by the client, some training programmes may include a final assignment component that learners must complete. This indicates competence and knowledge retention but it is not sufficient for SETA certification – which requires a Portfolio of Evidence.