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Why has the business penny not dropped in SA? (Demo)

There is no doubt that there needs to be transformation in South Africa but after 20 years, surely the penny must drop. The only way to create Black entrepreneurs is to change the restrictive legislation and general conditions which makes it so difficult to do business:

  • Eskom power outages
  • Access to finance
  • Restrictive labour legislation
  • The Seta system
  • A failed education system
  • A failed rail system
  • A failed Postal system
  • Corruption and tenderpreneurship
  • A social grant system and attitudes of entitlement
  • Excessive taxation – with the perception that the money is being wasted on issues such a bailouts to SAA and SABC etc. etc.

Simon Sinek, American leadership expert says “We think that intensity will fix the problems but it is actually consistency that creates the problems and therefore only consistency will fix them”. Throwing money at problems such as SAA solves nothing. Years of consistently bad leadership have created the problems as Einstein said “You cannot fix problems by using the same thinking that created them in the first place.”
These issues have been raised repeatedly by business for years but fall on deaf ears. BBB-EE will not bring about black entrepreneurs. If you look at the white community you will find that most young whites do not expect to be able to get jobs in Government, local government or even national companies. The only option is to find work in a small private business or start your own enterprise and that is what they do. The Employment Equity Act and BBB-EE have succeeded to the extent that they have forced non-favoured communities to become self-reliant!
However, one aspect of the new codes is that businesses are being required to put money and effort into enterprise development which is a step in the right direction.
In support of this initiative, B&A have produced a Basic Business Awareness course aligned to Unit Standard No.243803 – Start up a small business. This highly interactive and practical course, designed around a central case study of a start-up taxi business, aims to teach start-up business owners:

  • How business operates in respect of market needs and the need for market research;
  • Customers and the importance of good customer relations and service;
  • Purchasing and the importance of good suppliers;
  • Core and support functions;
  • Competitors and pricing;
  • Financing and cash flow; and
  • Long term sustainability – vision, mission, values and goals.

Classroom training is supported by workplace assignments aimed at ensuring that the start-up business starts on the right footing. For further information contact Bruniquel & Associates : Durban (031-3094627), Johannesburg 0861-474722, Cape Town 021-5270044

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